Lolocaust In Your Lugholes: Episode 5 – The Future

After we dipped into the ‘future’ as we saw it in the Eighties, and how we don’t really appreciate some of the great kit we have today, The Lolocaust will be going further into the future to look at game retail, and how it could survive the onslaught of the digital age. (Some of what I’ll be mentioning may have been in previous written articles, I am aware, I’ve not fallen to Alzheimers – incidentally auto-correct suggested ‘Oppenheimer’ in the place of ‘Alzheimers’ proving without a doubt that the Internet is more interested in tactical nuclear strikes than debilitating degenerative disease.)

Dalek Sex will be looking at a video game that he has been playing, this time from the pantry, and we will round the show out by picking a winner of the Hot Wheels DeLorean LIVE ON AIR! Cripes! Exciting! (You can still enter if you listen to the last five minutes of Episode 4 here and follow the incredibly simple instructions.

If you want to get involved message me on Twitter @Bouncybhall or drop into the live chat on Spreaker while our episode is live here.

As always we look forward to hearing your views, and hope that you are all following us on Spreaker, as well as subscribing to us on iTunes – just search for Lolocaust in Your Lugholes. See you at 9pm!


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