Lost Planet Spin-Off, EX Troopers Looks Awesome, Likely To Never See Localisation

On this week’s show I mentioned that I had just noticed the first image from the Lost Planet spin-off title, EX Troopers and that despite my obvious loathing of Lost Planet 2, I had loved the first game and was hopeful that EX Troopers might just buck the Capcom trend and get a PAL localisation*. Yesterday I received an email from a listener – thanks a lot dude – who sent a link to a video of the game in action. 

Needless to say my enthusiatic response is now being replaced with sullen sulking that this is likely to be yet another Capcom title that will probably never see the light of day in PAL regions given the amount of dialogue and text involved.

That said, it does look interesting, with a great blend of art style and gameplay, and in an interesting twist it is revealed at the end of the trailer that it is also coming out on the PlayStation 3, which does mean that I could import the title as the vast majority of PS3 games are region free. All depends on how integral the text and dialogue are to the gameplay of course, and from the trailer I’m assuming that they are rooted into the very core of the experience.

Either way, everything is crossed for some news of a release outside of the land of the rising sun, ignoring the story that Capcom had trademarked ‘EX Troopers’ in the US and Europe, as this is standard procedure, and in now way indicative of an impending release.

* Localisation, in essence is the translating of a game, but translated in such a way that it will reflect the cultural sensibilities of the region it is due for release in. So for example a game may reference something related to an Asian cultural mainstay – be it philosophical, artistic etc… and this will be localised in the translation to be more appreciable by the next release region. The same is true of references to celebrities, historical figure heads and the like. It’s a complex process that often leads to odd changes in the whole tone of a game. It’s fascinating really. There’s also ‘Globalisation’ which is generally a version that see’s a wide ranged release, eg an English Language version, and often keeps things generic for ease of distribution.


One thought on “Lost Planet Spin-Off, EX Troopers Looks Awesome, Likely To Never See Localisation

  1. Ahhh Lost Planet 2. I wasn’t sold on the first one, it was the second game I played on the Xbox 360 and I was expecting ‘next gen’ to mean next gen not just last gen shinified. The first game I played (because you so care) was Kameo. Within the first 60 seconds of a demo, I was smashing barrels open. This was not next gen. Last gen was smashing barrels. How does all that processing power still result in smashing barrels I gurgled. Then I turned it off. Lost Planet went on and testing the nextness of next gen I tried shooting a glass window but it turned out to be a scenery glass window, not a playable glass window. So I turned it off.

    We got super excited about Lost Planet 2, because me and my gaming buddy are the last people alive who want to play couch co-op rather than with every breed of cunt online. Yes, the story is nonsense. Yes everything is nonsense. Yes Capcom implemented idiotic save systems but not even the fact that P2 in couch co-op for no reason that makes any sense doesn’t earn achievements or unlocks put us off. It was fun. Until some stupid generic tower level with auto turrets. It stopped being about giant mechs or even gianter lava beasts and vehicles the size of planets. It became a game of spawning, getting shot by a thousand hidden snipers and auto turrets and then respawning. So that’s where we still are.

    THE END.

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