Team-based PC FPS puts players in deadly reality TV show….

Bullet Run, a new free-to-play team-based shooter, launches on PC this Summer, publisher Sony Online Entertainment has announced.

Developed by ACONY Games, it drops you into the titular reality TV show where you’ll be fighting it out to the death for fame and glory.

However, simply dispatching a foe won’t bring you much reward – you’ll need to do so in style too. To that end, there’s a complex array of customization options to allow players to create unique looks for their characters.

Typical of free-to-play offerings, [DANISH B]ACONY Games and SOE have been typically sensitive and subtle in their approach to incoming remuneration for a game which, in real terms, costs little under the price of a one-man-wank.

While progressing through the McRanks players earn Coca-Credits, allowing them access to an ever growing and more bewildering array of sponsored perks, officially licensed weapons and pay-per-view sound effects & cock-ink.

It’s perks (known in-game as ‘Gator-aids’) can be purchased via the [Red-]Bullet Store between matches. If standard AIDS aren’t enough for players, there is an innovative perk-upgrade system on offer.

For example, if players have enough Coca-Credits, they can purchase the highly flammable long-range add-on, the ‘Peri Peri Nandgrenade’.

Should the player’s shell-suit pockets be deep enough, they will be offered the option to ‘Go Large’ to double the longevity of the enhancement.

These Aids aren’t without drawbacks and the game is balanced to stop “Gator-aids-ridden” (massively perked) players dominating matches for long periods between spliff-breaks. This balancing also highlights the necessity for different classes to work together as a team.

During the game ‘Going Large’ on the Nandgrenade will result in a significant reduction in the players speed of movement, sometimes rooting them to the spot, which is only cured by team medic administering the a dose of ‘Gaviscombat’.

Weapons for ‘sale’ ranges from the lowly aforementioned grenade, right through ‘Centrumammo supplements’ and onto more devastating machinery such as the ‘Anti-Tank Vauxhall Astra’.

Red-Bullet Run is out on on Monday the 22nd of I don’t give a fuck.


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