PS Vita To Get Game Someone Might Actually Want

It’s my birthday in August, and somebody obviously knows it, because this is the month when Hatsune Miku becomes MAI WAIFU.

The new Miku game, Project Diva F, will feature augmented reality functionality – only instead of making a poxy Nintendog or Kirby sit on your hand, you’ll be able to get Miku into bed.

The crystal white Miku package will retail for 39,380 Yen, and will generate so much real life Rule 34 that God will have to take Japan aside and explain that it’s making a scene, and people are looking. Seriously. This thing is going to make so many people take photos of Miku next to their junk and post them on the internet that it will simulate a worldwide DDOS attack.

At least we know why the Miku-themed Vita will be white.


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