Looking Forward To Lolocaust In Your Lugholes S2E3 – “Stop Asking Me To Save The World!”

So we negotiated the traverse and have emerged in a second series – more than Alcatraz and Flash/Forward managed, ho ho ho! – with little more than a bump. The audio transmitter was damaged slightly on re-entry (snigger) but all in all we are back and bigger, better and blacker than ever before. We’ve been working on fixing down a template, but I’ll be jiggered if the show just keeps on evolving, much like that particularly virulent strain of Marmite that’s going around.

With Dalek now a full time fixture on account of him being let out of the cupboard under the stairs we now have room for guests and last week we had Duncan off of The Games Cast drop by and chat. This week we are talking with one of Those Guys off of That Guys A Maniac – do go check out their site – I have been assured that despite the criminal damage to the frontage of Rumbelows it has not frightened of the Maniac in question and that they are expected to arrive in a Ford Fiesta later today.

But what are we going to discuss?

Well in short it will be a Nintendo centric show this week as we look at the state of Ninty as of late, looking back at the Wii’s troubles and forwards to the WiiU. Dalek is finally ready to explain why we never made it to the MCM Expo this year, I will be talking about the soon to be released Spider-Man game and Dr Hamhock has provided something that resembles a game show.

Tune in LIVE at 9pm on Spreaker and get involved in the chat window, it’s a bit like the school bus on a trip to Alton Towers, exciting and giggly but ultimately a sweat box of sexual frustration.

If you can’t make it live perhaps you would consider subscribing on iTunes (and hopefully if you like the show you will give us a rating and review).

Thanks for listening, we might well smash through the 1,000 listens mark this week! EXCITE!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go into town to buy some buckets and brushes, this paint won’t shift itself.


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