The PlayStation Vita Chronicles

So as I explained recently I decided to make the jump and purchase a PlayStation Vita from work, taking advantage of a generous staff discount. I have now had the device for about a month and one thing is very clear in regards to the system itself, namely it is VERY good, with one slight caveat.

It needs more games.

But Sony are doing a lot right. Allow me to expand upon this…

The big push for Sony when it comes to the Vita is Digital Product Delivery – be it full retail game or intriguing AR card freebie – and recently they hit a home run by holding a game sale. This ensured that a selection of the best that the Vita store had to offer was offered  at up to 50% off! I picked up Modnation Racers Road Trip for about £9, which was a full £16 cheaper than my local gaming store. £9 for a NEW GAME! Admittedly it’s a digital download, but at nine quid I can really go for it. As I’ve argued numerous times in the past these sales are essential for changing the attitudes of gamers to the way of digital delivery.

As a result of the sales I now own Super Stardust Delta (and it’s DLC), Everybody’s Golf, Motorstorm R.C., Modnation Racers Roadtrip and the DLC for Frobischer Says…

This week I picked up digital copies of LittleBigPlanet PSP and The 3rd Birthday for a few pounds each.

The only issue I’ve come across thus far is storage. The tiny bloody memory cards that you HAVE TO OWN to even play a game are not cheap, and as I plumped for a 4gig card (purely for budgetary purposes) and after only a couple of games being downloaded/installed it was full. It seems that I can only really have two full retail games installed at a time, which isn’t too bad, but it is frustrating having to wait for twenty minutes to play the game you impulsively wanted to play in the first place.

Gaming-wise the Vita really does hold up against the PS3 – I noted especially in Everybody’s Golf that it is a more fully featured version of the PS3 iteration. The addition of cross platform play helps the mutli-player on Motorstorm immensely.

It’s still the early days for me and my Vita, but so far I am VERY impressed, and will update you all soon with more detail on a couple of games.


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