Open Source Boobs For All!

School boys and sex starved nerds everywhere were delighted by Microsoft’s hexidecimal smut fest this week.

Ultimately, who doesn’t love the idea of 0xB16B00B5 lurking in their coding? Because that’s exactly what you got when you ran virtual versions of Linux through Windows!

Well developer Dr Matthew Garrett apparently does not love this technological marvel; from the BBC:

“Commenting on the gaffe, developer Dr Matthew Garrett noted that the first version of the Microsoft code used a similar string of 0x0B00B135 – a form of letters that roughly translates to “boobies”.

“Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys’ club where girls aren’t welcome,” Dr Garrett wrote.”

Maybe we haven’t come such a long way since 80085 on the Casio calculator after all….


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