Polishing The Lolocaust

As mentioned on the mid-series finale episode of Lolocaust in your Lugholes we are embarking on a quest to tidy up the site, improve the flow of information and generally ensure that it is all as good as we can make it. Over the next four weeks expect a few changes – you should already have noticed the new website skin – and we offer our apologies if the site goes offline for a couple of days. 

We have been listening to our readers/listeners and will be adding the following features in due course:

  • Enhanced FAQ Section
  • Better Support For Embedded Items
  • Profiles/Interviews With Each Lolocaust Member
  • Episode Guides for Lolocaust In Your Lugholes
  • New Logos Across The Lolocaust Network
  • More Emphasis on Pushing Posts To the @WeRTheLolocaust Account on Twitter
  • Full Facebook Page With Timeline of Site Evolution
  • On-Site Annotated Timeline With Images And Anecdotes

and more…

Thank-you all for your continued support over the years, I think we can all agree that this year has been our best ever, and that has only been made possible by the hard work and generosity of my contributors/friends and you guys/gals for reading our stuff, listening to the show and engaging us on Twitter.

You all rock!

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions for the FAQ section drop them in the comments box below!




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