Lolocaust Clean-Up Competition – WIN Puzzle Agent On Steam

Good Evening Folks!

It’s been a busy week here in the Lolocaust flat, and tonight promises to be as busy, despite the fact that we are not putting out a live show – We will be back on the 29th August though, so don’t go rioting in the streets just yet.

To thank our faithful fans who are helping push the site and show into this new Golden Era we are giving away a Steam code for Puzzle Agent, Telltale Games’ excellent blend of Professor Layton style puzzler and traditional point and click adventure. Fancy that? Well, it’s easy to win, simply follow our Twitter account (@WeRTheLolocaust) and message us anything you like, but ensure you use the hashtag #LOLWIN

The winner will be picked at random on Friday evening. Please do help us spread the word about the site, while potentially winning a prize!

(You can enter even if you don’t want the prize, just let us know and we’ll swap it for something like a pencil)


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