Catch-Up With The Lolocaust (29/07/2012)

It’s been a period of change here at The Lolocaust and inevitably change brings with it a series of complications. The most notable is perhaps the few weeks in which we posted very little of worth. This was solely down to the time taken to get the Lolocaust in your Lugholes live show put together and is something we’re working hard to ensure doesn’t happen when the series returns in late August. We have already made some progress and a steady flow of pieces has found it’s way onto the site over the last couple of weeks.

Bouncybhall Talks A Little About Owning A PlayStation Vita

A Rather Adorable Sonic The Hedgehog Hello Kitty Was Shown Off

DrHamHock Showed Off His ‘Mad Skillz’ To Put Out A Suitable Poster Advertising Our Mid-Season Finale 

Duff Looks At The Microsoft Boob Code Issue, With A Cushion On His Lap

Every Sixty Seconds In Africa…

Bouncybhall Looks At Movies Acting As Inspirational For Real Crime In The Wake Of The Aurora Shootings

We Introduced A New Site Look And Explained About The Changes Coming

In The Week Before The Nintendo 3DS XL Launched Bouncybhall Got Some Hands-On Time With Nintendo’s Super-Sized Handheld

Duff Get’s All Teary-Eyed Over Animation

As The Steam Sale Drew To A Close Bouncybhall Surveys The Damage To His Bank Balance

The Funniest News Story Of The Year (So Far) Came As Chinese Villagers Found A ‘New Mushroom’ That Was Actually A Sex Toy

Has This Elongated Console Generation Hurt Creativity And Innovation?

Duff Takes Time Out Of Skyrim To Laugh At Something That Happened At The Oh-Limpets

The Lolocaust Gave Away A Steam Key For Puzzle Agent

DrHamHock Posted A Huge Info-graphic Dealing With Monsters

Oh-Limpet Fever Grips The Lolocaust Flat

And that is it. Some great pieces in there, so if you like what you see do drop us a comment, a like or a share (or all three?) as it really makes all the difference when sat alone at the computer at night pondering the point of writing this stuff at all. We look forward to putting out more stuff over the rest of the year!


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