Lolocaust In Your Lugholes Is Coming Again!

Hullo Folks! Have you been missing the Lolocaust’s (semi)live radio show while we’ve been on our creative break? I’m certain that you have, and I’m happy to tell you now that we are back next Wednesday at 9pm on Join myself, Dalek and contributions from the regular team as we finish off Series 2 with an overblown example of how Internet Radio should be done (well that or an exercise in futility, time will tell).

If you can’t remember what happened in the last half of the series make good use of this little bit that Hock made:

Previously On ‘Lolocaust In Your Lugholes’

Following that we had our monster movie special where Hock sold us out to LOCOG, resulting in a missile system being played on the Lolocaust Flat’s roof. He then took a generous relocation package to sunnier climes, but found himself being gobbled up by a Gorilla Whale (No not a gob job from Vanessa Feltz). Dalek and I discussed other monstery stuff after I inadvertently freed him from my iPhone.

Since then we’ve noticed a flurry of activity in the Rumbelows underneath the flat. What is going on down there? What will it mean for us? Will we have to change the description of the flat’s location on the website?! Tune in on Wednesday night (or catch up on iTunes) to find out.


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