Coming VERY Soon – The Lolocaust Mega-Bit

So as Piratey Bob revealed in last night’s live broadcast we are launching two companion pieces to our Lolocaust in your Lugholes live show, Lolocaust Mega-Bit and the Lolocaust Bantersnatch. Both are going to be awesome, especially if you like the banter we had in the earlier live episodes, or just don’t like constant references to the Alien franchise or Kamen Rider.*

Launching this week is the Mega-Bit which is going to be filmed and recorded using Avatar Kinect on the 360. We won’t be using great microphones, so will sound like arse, and our avatars might just glitch into oblivion BUT it will be five minutes of Lolocaust to stick in your eye and ear holes. I recorded this little intro using said software:

Soon we will have the first ‘Pilot’ episode going live, which will feature banter compressed into 300 seconds. Will we manage it? Only one way to find out!

Finally, if you don’t like watching videos on YouTube you will also be able to grab the audio from our Spreaker Account and iTunes (details on this will follow the first video). So, have a look/listen and let us know. And if you’d like to appear on the show let us know. Obviously you need Kinect and a mouth, but I’m assuming most of you may well have both covered.

* Maybe… Can’t guarantee these won’t be mentioned, and if that’s still an issue, sod off back to Argentina!


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