Lolocaust @ Eurogamer Expo 2012 – Plans And Stuff

So next week – from the 27th to the 30th September – there is this little gaming event called the Eurogamer Expo (details here) and The Lolocaust are going to be attending on a variety of days and times. We would LOVE to meet some of you or get some idea of what you want us to report back on.

So far it looks like:

Thursday: Bouncy and Hamhock along with Andy from off of the Monday Movie Show

Saturday: Bouncy, Hamhock, Duff and Andy again.

Sunday: The Voice of Sex Himself, Dalek (Along with members of The Games Cast)

So plenty of opportunities to meet up with or to request something from us.

You should be able to spot us easily as we will be wearing T-Shirts emblazoned with our site logo as well as the site address on the back (in case we are engrossed in some indie game). Don’t be shy, come up and say ‘Hullo’ and you might just get a pleasant surprise.

Also it’s worth mentioning at this juncture that we are not likely to report back in the ‘traditional’ sense, but we will be flinging the proverbial around and having a laugh while doing it. Odds are some developers/PR people will be asked what their favourite brand of toothpaste is and what chop is their chop of choice? Dalek is prepping something special from a audio perspective and I shall be putting together some photos and comments and stuff.

So there you have it, EG Expo ’12 is almost upon us, we are going to thrust ourselves into it and then through the back of it, before coming back and doing it again… AND AGAIN! We will sully the shops, destroy the demos and splooge all over the swag. Join us!


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