Blips! – The First Book of Video Game Funnies #4 – Dial “M” for “Meh”

The more alert of you will recognise this literary carbuncle from previous weeks here at the Lolocaust.

Then here
Then here

If you haven’t been treated to it’s succulent and fresh comedy-fruits, may I suggest that you now catch up on it’s mouthwateringly humourous delights so far.


Well, I’m going to take you on a comedy trip you’ll never forget….only, where we’re going…..  you won’t need a sense of humour.
(Just a couple of aspirin and a bag for the rapidly evacuating gut-juice.)

Familiarise yourself with the most excruciating comedy since Stan Boardman had his chip-shops bombed.  Lest we remember the fallen left on the comedic battlefield, sides split-open by the videogame comedy evil-doers, it is time for us invade the barren dictatorship of mass mirth.  We continue….  It’s time for more BLIPS!

Part 4 – The Waste of Time Gag…….

…could I have that in “funny” now?
While $50 American Pounds or (£30.79 in Lolonuggets) is indeed a fine prize for the justification of said hypothesis, it does beg the question, “After reading this, how many people will die from choking on their own vomit, while completely conscious?”.
The following image says it all by saying nothing at all. …..This is me.  This is you. Go take a look in the mirror.

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