Introducing The Lolocaust Bantersnatch

Early this morning we pulled a new lever that we found in the airing cupboard, which activated a new strand of our podcast chain, The Bantersnatch.

What is a Bantersnatch? Well Dr Hamhock’s Dictionary describes it as follows:

Bantersnatch (Ban-tur-snat-ch): A collection of words formed into a discussion or argument and sewn together with cheap grade wool. Examples of usage include ‘I totally recorded a Bantersnatch last night.’ or ‘Wow, that’s a strong opinion, why don’t you record a Bantersnatch about it?’.

So with a pull of a lever the new show is out there and episode one features Dalek talking fillums with Stuart off of the Monday Movie Show. The banter is good and the snatches are better.

Incidentally there has been some question regarding the origin of the name. It’s very simple. There was a gap in our broadcasting for more banter, and I am a huge fan of the Alice in Wonderland books. In those books there is a creature called the Bandersnatch, so marrying up the two words made sense. At least according to Lolocaust Logic.

In future episodes you can expect interviews and discussions on a range of subjects. The aim is to get more content out, more often to reward our patient listeners while we concentrate on making the Lolocaust in your Lugholes story shows the best they can be too. I’ve spoken to Duff and we are aiming to record one every time we go bowling together, which may also include Star on occasion as well. These will be recorded in a car, so might also have the added bonus of capturing our fiery deaths. Oooh, exciting.

So there you go. Episode one is available now on iTunes and via Spreaker here.


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