Lips! – The Fist Book of Video Game Fannies #6 – From the Sublime to the Subliminal

It’s well known that propaganda (or public relations to use it’s post-war corporate term) has it’s “roots deep” in the “dirty mud” of psychology, sociology and sex.

It exists to influence and persuade.  It’s techniques are used from selling lowly little Cheese Snacks through to overthrowing governments and powerful public figures.  But not necessarily in that order.

Although I would argue that you can’t successfully carry out a coup d’état without first having a belly full of Cheesy Wotsits.

One of the most powerful behavioral programming techniques is the use of subliminal images and messages.  Combined with life’s most powerful libidinous drive – “SEX”  (second only to the lure of sausage and egg McMuffin) – and you have a terrifying weapon in the wrong hands.

Which leads us conveniently back to *SIGH* Blips! The First Book of Video Game Funnies (1983).

This “hilarious” Blips! “jokebook” hides it’s comedy so “deep” in it’s pages, only our unconscious laughs.  And even then it bites it’s imaginary “lip” so as to hide the mild guffaw from other unconscious entities.

The following excerpt is no exception.  At the time, the camera I used to “shoot” the image blushed, looked down at the ground and apologised to me.

The air between the screen and your eyes right now is looking at you for help.  Shaking from side to side as if to say “no, no, no, oh go on then, but be gentle” – grimacing and “sucking” in more air through it’s invisible air-teeth.  Here’s why…..

Part 6 – the “TV shows are boring” gag – Click to “enlarge”.

What it lacks in comedy value it makes up for in emergency toiletpaper/kindling potential.

Yet, for all it’s failings, strangely I feel  horny right now. God knows why.  Horny for myself.

Sexy for me.  Rocking back and forth in my seat, panting at the thought of getting a bit of HamHock action before the misses gets home.

I must release the pressure.  I must perform a “special defrag”. Thanks for reading.

Yours Sincerely, Dr HamHock…….




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