Lolocaust Catch-Up Post: ‘Has It Been Two Months Since We Did This Last’ Edition

I used to put one of these posts out a week, giving our loyal fans something to look forward to on a Sunday – other than endless repeats of television from yesteryear and a overcooked lump of meat. Then for some reason I forgot to do one every week for the last two months.

No one mentioned it.

Now this could mean one of two things:

1) People accept that I forget things

2) People don’t give a crap about our Catch-Up Posts

It’s obviously the first one! So off we go!

Duff Talked About Promo Videos

Hock Resurrected The Video Game Blips Things He Started On Dr Hock’s Waiting Room (Remember that?)

Piratey Bob Returned To Do A Podcast Special

We Launched The Mega-Bit – A Podcast Powered By Avatar Kinect

Duff Gave Us His VERY Informed Opinion On NHL 13 In A New One-Hour Playtest

We Planned Some Meet-Ups At Eurogamer Expo

Hock Did Another Blips!

Bouncy Confesses To His Love Of Farmville 2

Dr Ham C. Hock ‘Reviews’ The Room For iPad

Dalek And Bouncy Get On Avatar Kinect And Talk About Borderlands 2

Bouncy Did A Proper Interview With A Bloke About Carmageddon iOS

Dalek Presented An App-Focused Mega-Bit

While Duff Did One About Motion Gaming

Hock Didn’t Do A Mega-Bit – But He Did Do Another Blips!

Bouncy Reviews Fireproof Games’ The Room For iPad – Properly

Duff Looked Into Tactics Taken To Entice And Entrap Gamers

A Woman Wore An Outfit With A Cock Motif

Hock Did Another Blips! We Had To Clean Him Up After…

Nerfie Returned With A Video About Sonic

And One About Hitler

We Then Launched The Lolocaust Bantersnatch Upon The Unsuspecting Folks Of Podcastland

Bouncy Explained Why He Likes Indie Games

Hock Did YET ANOTHER Blips! Still Funny Though!

We Put Out Three Episodes Of The Bantersnatch In Quick Succession


Bouncy Looks Back At His Time With Dice And Pencils – Fighting Fantasy Books

Finally – A New Bantersnatch Appears!

Phew, what a list eh? We’ve also had our trip to Eurogamer, we’ve put out pubcasts 1 and 2 and we’ve recorded a LOT of audio content. The Lolocaust keeps going from strength to strength. It’s all thanks to you. Well, mostly us, but YOU too. Thanks for sharing our articles, commenting on our posts and getting involved with our podcasts!


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