Frankly Incredible Call of Duty: Black Ops II Action! Fun In The Workplace! Office Chair Edition!

So as some of you may have noticed, we have had access to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this weekend and for the most part it has been an under-whelming experience from start to finish. There have been a couple of minor moments of bliss though. ESPECIALLY if you, like me, have an affinity for that staple of the office prank*

The Humble Office Swivel Chair.

So how does CoD: Black Ops II make best use of office furniture? Well… We’ve made two HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC experiment videos for you to enjoy and uploaded them to our underused yet awesome YouTube Channel

Video One: In Which Bouncybhall Finds An Office Chair

Video Two: In Which Bouncybhall Realises That Sometimes More Is More.

So there you go. Maybe not the world’s premier use of office chairs in gaming – I think that accolade should still be bestowed upon Kung-Fu Rider – but in a game that feels shallow and uninspired it offered a brief moment of light in amongst a plethora of average and tired gameplay tropes.

* No, not the stapler. Putting a stapler in jelly, or hiding it IS hilarious, but it isn’t as practical in terms of the range of pranks available. Also you can’t travel down a motorway behind a truck on a stapler.


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