Revisiting An Old Childhood Favourite: Moschops (1983)

There’s not much in life I enjoy more than re-visiting old kids television shows from my own childhood with my kids. Over the last few weeks we have watched the original Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles and Sonic (Sat AM). This morning I popped LoveFilm on and noticed that there were a few new shows in the kids section, one of which was Moschops. I got REALLY excited as I had totally forgotten the show but seeing the name and thumbnail sparked off an indulgent stream of happy memories. 

Moschops told the story of a dinosaur called Moschops who was in fact a Moschops. Now just think for a moment, if you were coming up with a cool television series for kids would you really use this as inspiration for your main character?


Granted they changed the design slightly, but still…


Narrated by the great and godly Bernard Cribbins (albeit sounding constantly out of breath, clearly puffed out after a session with Felicity Kendall… Phwoar) it told the story of Moschops and his best friend Ally (an Allosaurus). My favourite character was always Mr Ichthyosaurus (which amusingly my spell check tries to change to Tyrannosaurus). Mr Ichthyosaurus was both sage old dispenser of wisdom but also the only dinosaur in the show – perhaps ever – to have a distinct Welsh accent. He was trapped in a lake and constantly hopes for rainfall to flood the valley so he can return home. Think about that, a marine dinosaur trapped in a lake and yet still able to offer advice to his ‘friends’ who ultimately are using his imprisonment for their own self-serving purposes.

So yeah the series was stop motion animated by the folk at FilmFair Ltd. who were responsible for Portland Bill and the sh-sh-sh-Shoe People. It looks very dated now due to it’s rather unsophisticated design and shortcuts taken in the animation process but worst of all the whole show was dreadfully paced and scripted.

Now this is the point where I will be telling you what my kids thought, they loved it.

Clearly Moschops is best viewed without the critical eye of an animation fan or from the point of view of anyone who ever looks for anything beyond the fact that a dinosaur wearing a school boy cap needs to be considered further. I will likely end up watching the rest of the episodes available on LoveFilm over this week. Next week? Most likely a pile of Inspecter Gadget episodes, given as they’ve also been added, although I may go back to Are You Afraid of the Dark thanks to the What A Fool Believes podcast reminding me of it and then seeing it on LoveFilm this morning. May have to let the youngest one miss that though. Nightmares are a nightmare.


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