Why I Want A Wii Mini More Than A WiiU

Today it was revealed that Nintendo are making the motions to release a mini version of their wildly popular Wii console, right at the time that some are complaining of a stuttering launch for their new WiiU system. Many might be thinking that this is a stupid move. I disagree strongly enough to compound my argument with this stark fact. As soon as a UK release date is set, I will be ordering a Wii Mini.

I don’t want to order a WiiU despite being impressed by it at Eurogamer.

But why? Well it’s very simple. Games.

You see as it stands the Wii has a solid back catalogue of great games that are now being slashed in price as the new system swaggers onto the scene. I have an old white Wii that has been gathering dust in my children’s bedroom as they haven’t got the space to enjoy it properly and I’ve lamented the loss of Madworld and other great alternatives to the usual bowling/skiing shenanigans.

This week I noted that many Wii games in my local game store were reduced by 50%. I can pick up the new Zelda game, complete with the orchestral soundtrack CD for less than £20. Is there a comparable experience on WiiU at launch? No. See this is the issue many consoles have. The WiiU’s launch line-up isn’t strong enough for me to generate excitement, but a redesigned, smaller Wii is.

This is what it will look like.

Red and Black.

Pop Up Disk Cover.

It’s essentially a Sony Walkman, but for gaming.

It comes with an official Motion-plus controller and matching nun chuck.

These alone are *worth* £50 if bought alone, so paying an extra £40 (expected RRP is £90) seems a shoe in.

It will sit comfortably next to my other consoles, not intruding with a stark white finish and not impeding upon space thanks to it’s incredibly tight design. I like it. I like it as a piece of design and I like it as a reminder to myself of why I loved the Wii the first time round. Cut through the shovel-ware and lazy ports and you will find a solid collection just begging to be (re)discovered. So the WiiU may have me under it’s spell, but until it has at least six ‘must have’ games under it’s belt – and with many slipping away from the pre-Christmas release slot – and a decent supply of stock. The limitations on retail are a joke. Rumours of 300,000 units for the whole of the UK are laughable. I know some retailers have been told that they will only recieve stock to cover pre-orders while others will see no stock at all. So sorry Nintendo, I jumped in with both feet on the 3DS only to see a massive price drop and rapid redesign hit within a year of launch. I am happy to drop ninety quid on a tidy Wii replacement, but get the WiiU situation sorted. I want to want it more than I want it.


2 thoughts on “Why I Want A Wii Mini More Than A WiiU

    1. I have five Gamecubes, that’s enough to cover that front. Lol. But I see your point, it was a key attraction of the Wii for me. But then the recent regular Wii also had it stripped out.

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