Playtests, Podcasts and Pogonophilia – A Month At The Lolocaust

So November is drawing to a close as the country slowly sinks under flood waters and we at the Lolocaust are sitting in our smoking jackets in our giant seven man bed looking back at what’s happened this month, and it’s been a good one:

Bouncy Played Assassin’s Creed III And Seemed To Have Enjoyed His Adventures

The Official Black Ops 2 Trailer Fell Foul Of YouTube’s Spam Policies

Dr Hamhock Reused An Excellent Screengrab Of The Time He Violated Wikipedia

We Ended Series Two Of Our ‘Hit’ Comedy Podcast Series With A Halloween Special And Hock Made An Awesome Poster For It 

Duff Loves Fallout 

Bouncy and Hock Interviewed Tin Man Games About All Things Fighting Fantasy Related

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Arrived In Bouncy’s Hands Early And He Created Some STUNNING Video Content

Duff Attempted (And Failed) To Do A One-Hour Play-Test Because He Liked Halo 4 Too Much

Then Duff Complained About Toys Based On Violent Video Games – He’s Like A Young Jack Thompson

Bouncy Watched An Old Kids TV Show He Had Forgotten About, And Hated It This Time Round

We Had A Lazy Week And Posted Up A YouTube Video Involving A Fake Phone Call

Bouncy Explained Why He Feels That Crowd-Funding Is Vital For The Future Of Gaming

Then He Explained Why He’s More Excited About The Wii Mini Than The Wii U

Far Cry 3 Got Itself A Play-Test

and finally, Bouncy Weighed In On The #1ReasonWhy Hashtag Phenomenon

And that all came in our most read/hit month since early this year. So thank you! Series 3 of the podcast is currently in production and you can get all of the previous episodes and prepare for it by subscribing on iTunes or by following us on Spreaker, you can also hear us on The Lolocaust Bantersnatch which is also available on iTunes and Spreaker.

Spread the Lolocaust by sharing this post and you will help us reach new people and, in turn, inspire more motivation in what is going to be the most difficult month of all on the Internet, December. It’s like a dead zone for a website as people shut off their computers, don awful knitwear and sing songs in churches.

Down with that sort of thing and up with The Lolocaust. So, use the social media links below, and spread the good word.

Oh and we also got tickets to something awesome… more on that soon.


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