Rayman Jungle Run: I’m A Cynical Bastard, Get Me Out Of Here!

IMG_5421I’m not entirely certain what’s transpired here.

Rayman Jungle Run is a runner game. I hate runner games. It’s also a one button tap-the-screen-to-jump game. I hate running one button tap-the-screen-to-jump games.

There’s no getting away from it, though; RJR is irresistible. The gameplay is tight as hell and changes the game physics every world to mix things up. The music is top-notch and cycles between tunes to prevent stagnation. The graphics are probably the best I’ve ever seen on a mobile game.

They’re calling Jungle Run the best game ever seen on a mobile platform and I hate them for it, because despite the near-Herculean effort I put into hating everything that doesn’t contain alcohol (or ponies), I can’t bring myself to disagree or even say a single bad thing to say about it. Get it, play it, run, jump, love every daft grinning breakneck inch of it.

Needs moar Rabbids?



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