Ghost Trick – Phantom Detective: Edgeworth and Phoenix (Deceased)

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 has been out for years, and it’s never seen a Western release. Layton vs Wright still doesn’t have a playable demo yet, and Phoenix Wright 5 still doesn’t even have a decided platform yet. Phoenix Wright was released for iOS nearly two years ago and despite a billion five star reviews begging for the sequels, none have appeared. The conclusion is simple: CAPCOM hates our money.

In the meantime, why not try Ghost Trick which you may have missed first time round on DS and is widely regarded by Wright fans as their spiritual (ha!) home until the parent company gets its shit together.

Sissel is dead. He dies in the early evening, and when the sun rises in the morning he’ll pass over to the other side. He has until then to find out why he he was killed. This he can achieve by travelling from location to location down phone lines where he has to prevent a whole lot of murder going on. He can only affect the world with tiny physical nudges like Patrick Swayze in Ghost, but he can rewind each murder to three minutes before it happened and replay events over and over until he finds the set of circumstances which will prevent the death.

Like The Great Egg Race – with MURDER!

Ghost Trick is the most fun you can have while dead, and the first several massive chapters of the game are free. There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t kill yourself today.



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