Anomaly – Warzone Earth: Squaddies vs Robots

Anomaly is a bit of a rarity: it’s a tower defence game in which you play the invading force. You pick units, set their route around the map and then sit back and watch or drop smokescreens, power ups and air strikes when things go pear-shaped. After the smoke has cleared, you use the spoils to upgrade your units.

It’s pretty short, but it’s a thoughtful, satisfying and addictive game so if you enjoy it the first time, you’ll likely get a kick out of running the game on high difficulty. You’ll probably find one tactic that works for you and end up sticking to it, but that’s the nature of RTS games.

The real criticism to be levelled at it is the awful voice acting. The dreadful British squaddie chatter in the background is not only of shockingly poor quality, but it fluffs its lines. Instead of “We’re getting banged up, here!” It enunciates the line “We’re getting BANGED up here!” Luckily, though, I grew up in Colchester so I’ve developed an immunity to being irritated by squaddies.


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