Groove Coaster Zero: Happy Tappy App

Groove Coaster Zero begins simply with a point of light travelling along a straight line. Other points of light fly in, and when they connect the player taps the screen rhythmically to add samples and percussion to the background music. It’s a very bic, one-button music game. Then the camera angle tilts, and you realise the straight line along which you’re travelling is on an incline, and your little point of light is about to reach the top of the curve.

And then… you plummet down the other side, hurtling around loops against a flashing ambient 3D background and hitting musical notes along the way. You’re on a roller coaster made of music. It’s the titular Groove Coaster, and it’s simply lovely. It’s like Rez and Child of Eden in the palm of your hand.

If there’s any criticism to be mad of GC0, it’s that it’s a slow burner and needs more stuff there. I’m sure it’s in the pipeline though, so here’s hoping that live updates will push this over the line from Happy App to Fappy App.



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