Super Bunny Breakout : Ark Annoyed

Super Bunny Beakout takes Atari’s classic franchise and puts a bit of lippy on it. The aim of the game is to help a group of laboratory animals escape, Pinky and the Brain style. The blocks you’re trying to smash are cages which release furry creatures like when you break something in Sonic The Hedgehog. Between levels, the animals can retreat to their secret hideout to eat and decorate.

It’s a great looking game with considerable charm, and it’s genuinely interesting what Atari has tried to do here. Sadly, it’s unlikely to please old hands. You can catch and hold the ball at any time. That’s cheating. Instead of doing skilled angle shots with the paddle, you just determine the direction of the ball by swiping your finger. That’s Chester cheating. You see, where it falls down is that Breakout games, by their very nature, have to be incredibly tight in their gameplay to work. In SBB, I was collecting enemy bullets for five levels becaues I couldn’t tell the difference it made and I thought they were power ups. Problematic.

Super Bunny Breakout is free for the first ten frames, then you can pay for it if you’re still awake.
I admit I’m not a fan of the genre, but I know the difference between good and shite. This game needed to be better, and it’s a shame.



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