Why It Was Genius To Add ‘GlaDOS’ Into The Pacific Rim Trailer

GlaDOS In The Pacific Rim Trailer?Pacific Rim is a film I’ve been salivating over since it was first suggested that Guillermo Del Toro was going to make a Mech/Kaiju movie.

I mean anyone who listened to the ‘Eaten By A Grue’ episode of We Are The Lolocaust will already know that I am a huge fan of Godzilla and his ilk.

So the thought – ahead of the Godzilla reboot – that Legendary Pictures (who will be behind the aforementioned reboot) and Del Toro could be making a blockbuster budget kaiju flick, well frankly it got me moist.

Then I watched the trailer and all I was left thinking was ‘Was that GlaDOS?’ Which is genius in many ways. Hit the jump for the trailer and an explanation.

You see when I talk about my love of kaiju and movies with a similar theme I am all too aware of the fact that I am in a minority. I adore the Godzilla films of the sixties in particular, despite their campy acting and rubber suits. Coming out with a trailer that looks to be a mix of Avatar, Transformers and Godzilla. Well, frankly it’s standard summer popcorn fare. What the trailer needed was a hook to send it viral, and the inclusion of a voice over VERY similar to Ellen Mclain’s portrayal of GlaDOS off of the Portal games is a great one.

Within a few hours of the film trailer’s release the questions about GlaDOS almost overwhelmed the fact that there was a kick-ass monsters vs mechs movie in the works. People adore GlaDOS and having a voice that is similar to the character and definitely voiced by Mclain has led to rampant speculation as to whether or not it will be an overt reference/cameo or simply a piece of vocal work that will click with a certain type of audience member. I mean it’s not like Nolan North is too fussed about changing his voice too much between roles.

So with the inclusion of one voice the trailer has been features on dozens of gaming sites where it would usually be only located on the occasional film site. Great move.

Also, think of the potential if the dimension fault was linked to Aperture Science/Black Mesa – It’s happened before. Obviously a long shot, but the potential and the desire are there for all to appreciate. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some pre-emptive fan fiction to write.


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