Starfront Collision: Not The Zerg You’re Looking For

Earlier on this year, I had a Starcraft dream and woke up with a powerful urge to go and Zerg rush some motherfuckers. Now, I have a very special relationship with my id, because nothing it has ever, ever told me to do has ever been wrong. It first started talking to me when I was 12, when it told me in a dream to get Strider, and every idea it has had since has been amazing and improved my quality of life. With this in mind I checked out Starcraft clones for iOS and was advised by the cocks populi that Starfront was the best of the bunch and dropped a fiver on it.

In those terms, Starfront ticks all the boxes in a completely uninspired and budget-game fashion. The humans are human, the Myriad play out like slapstick Zerg and the Guardians are bargain basement ‘Tos. It’s only basic flaw is that the single player campaign is too short and only functions as a tutorial – you won’t get a decent challenge unless you go multiplayer.

I’m marking it as a Crappy App though, because the strict mass limit for each map means that rush tactics are impossible. 40 units per side max? Fuck you, game, seriously, fuck you. Give me my guilty pleasure back. Starcraft with no Zerg rush is like a Harry Potter movie with no Hermione.



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