Candy Crush Saga: Sherbert For Your Brain

Candy Crush Saga is a Bejewelled clone with a twist, but it’s not a Bejewelled Twist clone. A-ha-ha-ha. Magnificent. I wish this was on radio so you could hear me say that in my voice.

The twist is that four candies in a row make a stripy candy, five in a row make a multicolour candy and five in an L shape make a special candy. Stripy candy clears lines, special candy explodes and multicolour candy clears all the candy of one colour from the screen. Mixing stripy and special clears three lines in both directions, and mixing two specials makes a giant explosion. Each level has a set goal which must be achieved in a number of moves with no time limit, and making the right recipes is the key to success.

The game has 35 screens with an evil difficulty curve before you have to start paying, although you can pay for extra lives and power ups at any time. If you do that, though, you’re a witch who likes ruining games.

The visuals are incredibly pretty and the animations slick and satisfying. Clearing a combo makes a guy who sounds just like me say “Tasty. Tasty. DELICIOUS.” Clearing the level with movies to spare sets off chain explosions, then a cloud of psychedelically coloured Swedish Fish fly in and eat your candies.

It can be a bit unforgiving and arbitrary, but then that’s colour matching puzzle games for you. Candy Crush Saga is ridiculously colourful, fun and addictive, like snorting a Swizzle Stick and rolling in Christmas lights. Grab it.



One thought on “Candy Crush Saga: Sherbert For Your Brain

  1. After further consideration I have to say Bejeweled is an uglier but overall better game… It has all the elements which Candy Crush stole yet, importantly, allows movement of tiles/jewels during combo falls – which is a key part of building combos.

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