Jurassic Park Builder Adventures




As you will no doubt be aware, I adore Jurassic Park Builder on my iOS device. Sure it seems to suffer from ‘Americanisation’ of all things dinosaur shaped, calling an Apatosaurus a Brontosaurus is my specific bugbear, but ultimately when put alongside My Little Pony, Smurf Village and Snoopy’s Street Fair it feels a more suitable title for me to be poking with my podgy thirty-something finger tips.

We went into a bit of detail as to why I like the game on the ‘You Just Touch Things‘ episode of The Lolocaust Bantersnatch so go listen to that if you haven’t already.

Since that episode an update has added an aquatic play space, with a differing method of finding DNA samples and offering up a new, sea based selection of creatures to nurture. It’s all rather good, if not frustrating as DNA is now located on expeditions in submarines and you have to use in-game currency to really increase the odds of finding a new sample. Normally this would be an instance whereby I remove the game from my iPad, but thanks to the integration of TapJoy I can ‘try’ a game for free and get cash as a reward. It’s a fair system, well utilized. So while it is frustrating in that it can take days to get a sample from an expedition, it doesn’t come at any real expense AND better represents the difficulties that would usually surround an underwater expedition. So there you go.

Also worth noting that as yet I have not been faced with any missions that require payment to progress. This is also a great sign that the game is not attempting to monetise itself through any other way than customer loyalty and desire to customise. Clearly Phil Tippett isn’t supervising the finance office:

Phil Tippett Is To Blame


So I’m still enjoying it. More than I expected to, and with Jurassic Park 4 now having a release date – albeit a way off – I hope we can see some awesome cross-promotion activities going on. Also, imagine if you got to visit Site B to collect live samples! The potential for the freemium title is great, and I’m really enjoying being Nedry with no fear of being eaten by a Dilophosaurus. Heh! Maybe that should have read ‘Nerdy’ instead of ‘Nedry’, I didn’t need to spell check Dilophosaurus. Good job actually, as Google suggested ‘Stegosaurus’ as a replacement. IT’S NOT EVEN A CARNIVOROUS DINOSAUR, YOU STUPID SEARCH ENGINE! WHY WOULD IT EAT ME?!



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