The Tweets Of The Dead: Sarge, Sarge, There’s FAAAHSANDS Of ‘Em

The Tweets of the Dead is the second game I’ve played on iOS which monitors Twitter for content based on simple strings and generating in-game content accordingly. The first was last year’s HD Remix of Squenix’s mad theosophical reality show game, The World Ends With You. In that case, the game scanned Twitter for topics of your choice and used the results as NPC dialogue to populate the streets of your own personal Shibuya with dynamic crowd-sourced content.

The Tweets of the Dead, on the other hand, is a game about shooting Justin Bieber fans – real, actual people, their names and words culled from Twitter – in the face.

Well, ostensibly, that’s it secondary feature. TTOTD’s primary gimmick is that it’s an FPS which constantly eyeballs the Twittersphere and every time somebody mentions zombies, it spawns them into the game as one with their name and their post floating above them. It’s sort of a social experiment in whether or not you’re hard enough to win in a fair fight against the internet’s zombie obsession. Of course you’re not, and when you finally screw it up it tells you which Twonk killed you.

The game’s second, even cooler mode, allows you to pick from a list of current trending topics. That means that every time someone says Bieber, or Harlem Shake, YOLO, or any other replicating trendsquawk that’s destroying your peace of mind, it will spawn them into the game for you to kill.

It’s not a very complex or even a very good game, and it would have been nice to be able to enter your own search strings, but you really have to grin at what they’ve tried to do here. It’s a great idea, and I want to see more ideas like it.



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