Ridiculous Fishing Review: Narwahls, Miniguns and Chainsaws

Some games at just impossible to fault. Games into which so much love and imagination has gone, that no matter what peaks and dips the roller coast goes through, the whole product just oozes a sense of childlike glee that keeps you 100% glued. Games where every small detail just screams at you that the people who did this just GET IT.

These games are called “Awesome Games,” and you’d better fucking believe that Ridiculous Fishing is one.

The gameplay itself is most closely related to the “Jump” genre where the player scrolls vertically around the play field using the gyroscope tilt controls to move left and right. The first aim of the game is to get the hook as deep as possible by avoiding the fish. As soon as the hook hits something, the fisherman starts to reel it in. The scrolling goes up, the music starts playing backwards and the gameplay is reversed as the player tries to collide with as many fish as possible this time. Finally, the fish are all flipped into the air and the game turns into a simple shooter as our hero blows them all out of the sky in the style of the skeet shooting section from Hypersports.

Between casts, the fisherman sits in his boat and uses him smartphone (which is made of wood). Here you can view your previous catches on Fishipedia, which gives hints on times and locations to find the rare species. Your character complains about his life using Byrdr, an in-game meta version of Twitter which links up to your real Twitter account. Finally, you can shop for bigger guns (such as dual miniguns and an orbital laser), clothes, lines and random wacky shit like a hair drier and toaster to tie to the line as well as a chainsaw to hang on the end.

Ridiculous Fishing perfectly marries tilt gameplay, shooting, grinding, networking and Pokemon-style collecting, and it does so with a healthy dose of satire and an amazing attention to detail. The graphics are done in a unique abstract style. The music is fresh and quirky. The wooden phone displays the real time and your real battery level. It’s a game you never come out of for a second. From the instant you start to the instant you realise how long you’ve been playing it, you’re lost.

Perfectly balanced, Ridiculous Fishing rewards the love and attention you give it in proportionate measure. Equally at home as a casual game or a full-on obsession, it represents excellent value for anyone’s money.



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