Slice HD Review: Hey Bishop, Do That Thing With The Knife

Have you ever seen the bit in Saw 2 where the guy has to retrieve a key from the bottom of a pit of AIDS needles? Slice is like a cross between that and Twister for your fingers.

The premise is simple. On each level, at the bottom of a pile of knives, scalpel blades and razors is a shiny red button. The player needs to move the hazards out of the way and press it. Touching any of the sharp edges results in a sharp blood spatter and a failure.

The genius of Slice lies in its presentation, everything about it has the look, feel and sound of a dentist’s surgery. Everything is shiny and sterile, the sound effects shrill and metallic. It’s disturbing; in fact, it’s one of the most genuinely disturbing games I’ve played for years, which is all the more impressive given that the worst threat it implies for the player is a small nick on the end of the finger. This thing will make you flinch like it’s real.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Slice is a good game. A really, really good game. It’s intelligent, arcadey and frustrating in perfect equal measures, and it’s one of the only frame by frame physics puzzlers which has hooked me in so utterly that I’ve felt absolutely compelled to finish every level.

It also works pretty well as a multiplayer party game. Just be a bit careful if you find yourself partying with the kind of people who consider this a rockin’ time. You know. Make sure you know what chloroform smells like, if you know what I’m saying.



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