Spellcasting, O, H, G, O, D, Y, E, S! New Knightmare!

As part of YouTube’s Geek Week the stars have aligned and provided the answer to many of our prayers.

A brand new episode of Knightmare.

Not just Knightmare, but referential, reverencial and respectful.

Oh and Isy Suttie replaced that cunt Pickle.

Happy days!

So how did it all come about? Well in short it was a result of the rise of so-called geek culture. The sharing of love for things of our collective past has pushed some media products to the fore and Knightmare is one of the staples of many a gamer’s heritage. Taking table top gaming and making it work in a televisual format was always going to be a difficult task but Tim Child – creator of Knightmare – was determined to embrace technology to make it work. Now years after the original show’s run ended Child has helped usher Knightmare back in a way that respects the original series, thus pleasing the longer term fans, while casting YouTubers in the role of the Dungeoneers will inevitably raise interest from a whole new generation.


Filmed at the original Anglian studios and re-casting Hugo Mayatt as Tregard – while also bringing back some other familiar, if older and podgier, characters to the fore – it is a masterwork in how it should have been resurrected. Knightmare VR was supposed to be the updated version when it was trialed a decade ago but the nostalgia and love poured upon the classic series – and the lack of the fucking Eye Shield – proves that what ain’t broke don’t require no fixin’.

Of course it’s a one off, but if popular it could return for more. Hell, in an age in which the Oculus Rift is bring virtual reality and immersion to the gaming world once more perhaps we could see more from the world of Knightmare VR too. Time will tell.

For now I am one very happy Dungeoneer.

Now go.

Go on.


Oh, alright then…

Spellcasting… D, I, S, M, I, S, S.


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