Blips! – The First Book of Video Game Funnies #7

It’s autumn sale time here at Lolocaust towers: After 1-year interest-free, the “BLIPS! VG Joke Book” is offering TWO jokes for the price of ONE this week.

Not only will you be treated to the transmogrification of “Billy”, you’ll also wallow in the ironic comment of an unnamed child and his father.

Don’t look away and pretend it’s not happening.  Tread carefully after the jump.

Part 7 – Billy (left) and Whoknows (right)

kill me too



Billy has arrived back from the local arcade.  He’s naked save for his school cap and shoes.

We may laugh at his threadbare ACDC costume BUT unfortunately it’s not all “shits and giggles” for Billy.

This is a serious message, or warning even, as to the dangers of systematic child abuse.  An abuse so frequent that his Mother overlooks his obvious (to us) naked transformation.  And his response,  “AW MA…!”, is an obvious cry for help.

These situations are often typified by an abusive family member – maybe an uncle or stepfather – and by the denial by other family member or friends – the Mother in this case.

Since discovering this terrible incident, The Lolocaust have contacted Wisbech Police Department and passed on details of this terrible series of events.


Figures flying.
All over the screen.
The child thinks it’s, “incredible”
Doesn’t think it’s obscene.

The father.  Is he REALLY the father?
Doesn’t look up from his paper.
Is this an indication
of his child-abusive behavior?

When the father hears that his “child”.
Has been watching the evening news.
He topples over in his chair.
And now he’s blown his fuse.

Shortly afterwards, the child was badly beaten by his step-father.  We all looked away and pretended it didn’t happen.

Thanks for reading.




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