This Gen is Last Gen, While Next Gen Is Barely A Gen At All. Gen.

Like many gamers the world over I was very much looking forward to the release of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The promise of more social elements, bigger visuals and prominent exposure given to smaller titles drew me in like one of those blue lights in Danny’s Kebab Shop what kills off the moths in the shop, with the blue light death ray thing. 

As I sit and write this I can look over at my entertainment centre* I can spot a Nintendo Wii and my Halo Reach 360 (remember, the one that I had loads of trouble with when I bought it from the bastards at GAME). There is no slanted PS4 or GIANT XB1. Now why is that? Well in short it is mostly a financial situation that I find myself in, and yet the other day (PS4 launch day) I did have enough money in my hand to buy the console, yet I resisted.

You see as I look at things I see little more than potential issues on the ‘next/current gen’ – evidenced by the slow process that both Sony and Microsoft are making to have all the features of the consoles actually active and working. I am also put off by the efforts some retailers are going to to ensure high profit margins, creating fictional ‘bundles’ as the only free stock in stores. As I look at my trusty 360 and the two large folders of game disks I realise that while I am massively impressed with the new consoles – and don’t get me wrong, if money was NO object I’d have them both by now – I am still more impressed with what I already have. My time with The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and Tomb Raider ensured that I was seriously impressed AND entertained. I have loads of games I never really gave a lot of thought to and I am now determined to continue my plan to hit 33%/42% on Gamerscore/Achievements.

I am playing more on my Vita and 3DS too. Bus trips are the order of the day of late (Oh, yeah, in case you hadn’t heard I separated from my wife, moved out of the family home THEN got made redundant and am now travelling around taking work where possible. I’m not going to whine about it though, so moving on…) and mobile gaming would usually be found via the iPad. But now I’m stuck into Tearaway and Streetpass’ extra modes.

The ‘next-gen’ is stuttering, it’s not faltering, but it is far from confident. There are fantastic elements, elements that I crave like a wild thing, but not enough to warrant the price tag.

It looks like I will be heading towards an XB1 in March – to play Titanfall on – and a PS4 when possible. But for now I have the best consoles on the market. I have the Vita. I have the 360. I have an iPad. I’m not a greedy soul, nor am I materialistic enough to suddenly jump on a new tech band wagon simply because I like shiny things.

This could all change, obviously. But for now I am happy in the last/current/best gen. Are you with me?

* A glass topped coffee table with a telly balanced on it.


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