Happy Christmas! Have Our ‘Album’ For Free

Hello folks! It’s been a long while since we graced your ears, but we are on the way back to you very soon with two shows for the Festive period. Look forward to them on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (around tea-time, alcohol consumption pending) but in the meantime we want to give you a gift. The give of love, in a box.

Well not love, and not a box either.

Instead we want to grant the most requested wish of our legion of fan; an album made up of songs used in the last four seasons of We Are The Lolocaust (nee Lolocaust in Your Lugholes).

As of RIGHT NOW you can click the link at the bottom of this article and download the tracks for your aural pleasurement. We hope that you enjoy them, sing along to them in the bath and share them with family and friends to help spread the Lolocaust word.

Now as it is a time for giving and receiving we want to offer you the chance to thank us for the tireless efforts we put into producing the podcast, as well as give you the chance to say that you helped finance Season Five of the podcast (possibly coming around March 31st 2014, at around 9pm, maybe on Spreaker and iTunes). We don’t expect donations, but will gladly accept them while promising that Dalek will not take the proceeds to Aldi to buy brightly coloured alcohol. After all, there’s only so much blue food colouring left in the world.

So if you are in a position to donate some money to our cause, then feel free to use the ‘Donate’ button on the sidebar of the main page. Each donation will make Bouncy less likely to disappear permanently to the Mature Gamer Podcast; will provide Noozebot with enough oil to be ‘rubbed down’ for a month; will see Dalek through the winter with quiff intact and will see Dr Hamhock is able to continue to live in a town that only sells salad in sacks.

Thanks for your continued support and appreciation. Merry Christmas/Yuletide/Winter Fest/December.

Get The Album Here – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5lhivywvymbl4jx/2uS-fGqLQs


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