5.2 Davros’ Spacky Hand in 3D!!!

This episode is underway… No it’s cancelled… No! It’s happening regardless.

Place your bets on which host/character will make it around the course and which will be shot in the head behind a grubby bit of tarp.
The Lolocaust Dream Critic settles down with a tale of Toblerones and wobbly thighs.

Dalek revels in Bouncy’s recent misery, and suggests a way of turning him into the ‘Perfect Podcasting Machine’.

Bouncy regales us with a horrific tale of how NOT to deal with a customer.

Hock relates to the MIDI file of Greensleeves and then remixes it within an inch of it’s Cornetto-strewn life.

Noozebot returns and all is right with the world.


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