5.9 Gotta F**k ‘Em All!

As Noozebot visits Bouncy’s house we unleash another collection of chat, songs and discussion about arsonists.

MARVEL! at Noozebot stepping it up to take on Dr Dre.

RECOIL! in terror as Dalek reads another “bedtime” story in this week’s Lolocaust Literary Masterpiece.

SHUDDER! at the thought of Dr Hamhock cooking for you, naked bar an apron with ‘Kiss the Chef’ written on the front with a Sharpie marker*

CRINGE! at the sound of Bouncy’s romantic present giving tastes.

All in all a good selection of emotions to feel there. If you need further emotive poking feel free to email us at wearethelolocaust@gmail.com

We GUARANTEE to maybe respond, 90% of the time. Satisfaction guaranteed 28% of the time. Disappointment is assured.

*Other brands of permanent marker are available from all good stockists.


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