6.1 Series Six… Wait! WHAT?! SIX?!?!

So as you may have noticed we have been a little off rhythm these last few weeks, primarily as Hock is still grieving the loss of Rik Mayall, Bouncy has been lost under a duvet for a few weeks and Dalek is populating the staff chat box with ever growing resentment and frustration at missed calls on Skype or no-shows from the other two.

As a result we are moving to a tighter, shorter format and as such figured we may as well kick off Series Six. Shorter (sometimes) episodes and more emphasis on content being regular than elongated.

You’ll see what we mean as the series progresses.

This will continue throughout the Summer most likely, and then Series Seven will see the triumphant return of scripted material, storyline content AND the great stuff you’ve been enjoying recently.

In the meantime download the episode NOW!



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