Well… It’s About Time

So the blog has been a little neglected of late. Were it not for Duff’s efforts I dare say I would have scrapped it entirely when I created the sections to feature new podcast episodes and that would have been a shame.

I mean we are not talking Citizen Kane here, but the blog represents a huge part of how and why I am sat here currently tapping away on the Falcon and writing this post. You see without this blog I’d have never met up with Hamhock, I’d have never got into a war of words with Jim Sterling and I would never have felt guilty when talking to the makers of The Room. In short it has been as big a part of my life as my shop or my nice shoes.

This month we are starting a new project designed to pump life into the limbs of the Lolocaust that have grown fetid and gnarled. We will be uploading videos to Vine and YouTube as well as writing articles on here far more often.

To make this more coherent I have selected ‘Time’ as the theme for August. As such all contributions will be tied into that theme – admittedly some looser than others – and at the end of the month we will prepare a podcast that covers as much of the content as possible, along with new content, sketches and features.

If you want to get involved drop us an email at: wearethelolocaust@gmail.com


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