Back in the Game – The NEW Podcast!

So as you may have garnered from Twitter we are soon launching the first clutch of episodes from our new podcast venture, We Are The Lolocaust: Back in the Game. Many people have asked, nay BEGGED us to put out some new episodes of the runaway, smash-hit WATL podcast in the past and much like the cast of The Inbetweeners we simply won’t sit down and put out something that we feel isn’t our best.

As our real lives have become much more excited and filled with daring missions to Argentina we just cannot commit the amount of time, polish and Alien movie sound effects required to fashion an episode or nine.

Similarly I recently left the Mature Gamer Podcast and there was an outcry from a very specific group of people, but as I left I gave one final speech:

“This podcast will become a shrine! And gamers and dorks and Rastas will all gather round and all hold their hands in sorrow for their fallen leader! And all the grown-ups will say, ‘But why are the nerds crying?’ And the nerdswill say, ‘Haven’t you heard? Bouncy is gone! The People’s Podcaster is gone!’

And then one particularly sensitive and articulate nerd will say, ‘Why kids, do you understand nothing? How can Bouncy be gone when we still have his podcasts?”

Which may have just been me misremembering an episode of The Young Ones… I can’t really remember. The fact is I left that show and was pretty set on not podcasting for a while. But I missed it. I felt a familiar itch. Spurred on by the support of listeners who wanted to hear my thoughts in regards to such things as the Assassin’s Creed Unity glitches, the fact the Peter Molyneux can’t catch an orange like a cool person and what I think was the best game of 2014 (obviously it is Shadow of Mordor). I need a new vent for that, and to save my girlfriend from another month of constant, incessent chatter about things she simply doesn’t have a clue about – “What is Gamergate?”.

As such I spoke with Rob (Duff – that guy who was in that one episode of the Lolocaust when Bouncy Hulk killed an officer of the law who disrespected Bouncy’s Skylander collection – and together we are forming the central hub of what will become a new gaming podcast, Back in the Game.

We are looking to develop it significantly over the year, with guest spots open to people who might want to drop by and chew the gaming fat with us. I am hoping to pull some strings and get some interviews with folk who make the very games that we love, and we will also – when appropriate – put out special shows dedicated to a single theme (for example we have a Marvel comics themed episode planned for when Age of Ultron releases).

We won’t be concentrating on being ‘another gaming podcast’ but we also want to try and avoid becoming one of those ‘not another gaming podcast’ podcasts. I know I speak for Rob when I say that we want to put out a casual ‘cast that is all about what ‘we think’ not what ‘we read off of a website’. If it does well, then great, if not we will keep doing it because we want to.

So, let us know what you would like to see.

There is always potential for the Lolocaust team members to appear at some point – I saw Noozebot peeping through my letterbox the other day – but ultimately it’ll happen if the stars align.

We should be launching on Thursday 8th January but we won’t set a date until we have got the quality just right and the content as spiffing as it needs to be.


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