So as promised Rob and I sat down tonight and knocked out over two hours of new podcast goodness. We had a running order, but we didn’t stick to it and I am very happy with what we have ended up with. We are both honoured to see the support we have garnered from folk online and we really hope you all enjoy the shows. 

When we release the episodes – of which three will arrive this weekend – we would love it if *you* could help us by downloading all three, and them maybe leaving a review or a rating? iTunes is a fickle bitch and we really want to get the show into New and Noteworthy quite soon into the run so that we can use the listenership to further develop the show into it’s comfortable format.

We will primarily be concentrating on gaming, but we will also dip into comics, tabletop games, books, films and TV as well as real life things from time to time.

We also have added a support us via Paypal option, as it does cost money to get the show out and while we are not coming out cap in hand, if you want to support us to keep the show going for as long as possible, it would be very much appreciated. We will be working on creating a Roll of Honour for donators, so if you want to have your name ‘carved’ into that ‘stone’ then you know what to do.

If you can’t or don’t want to – that’s fine too – just please share the show, review and talk to us. The first ten episodes of any new pod are critical and we really want to make a show that we are proud of, and you lot enjoy!

Thanks for the fish!


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