Back in the Game Episode 9 “It’s German for No!”

This week Rob visits Bouncy’s house for an hour and a half of gaming, tv and arsehole chatter. That’s talking about a person who is an arsehole, not a load of bum trumpets. A person who acts in a bad way, not an actual six foot tall rectum. Oh, god it’s all gone wrong! Look, it’s about an 11 year old kid called Henry, who befriends a man who is pretending to be Kermit the Frog, and has unfortunate consequences. Actually, even that sounds awful. It’s not. Well it is a little bit…

We talk through our Four in Feb progress, which has seen five games (official ones) completed so far. Can we finish the eight? Will Rob’s partner get her much-anticipated homemade nacho hat? Only time will tell.

Mark throws down the gauntlet and offers cash wagers on his Street Fighter 4 prowess, taking on all comers and promising to donate winnings to The Lolocaust MEGA FUN BUS Fund*

Dalek is the only one among us who is actually qualified to talk about Fifty Shades of Grey – with a PDF certificate from the University of Sex, Transylvania-aaaahaaahahaah! – so he does.

Finally Rob explains what he’s done to the website, if you are into that sort of thing. Chances are you might be reading this *on* the website, so it’ll all be a bit meta.

Also, tell your friends. The Lolocaust is not a guilty secret! Embrace it! Share it! Put us in your wives, your mothers and your bosses.

* MEGA FUN BUS Fund is not an actual project set up to build a giant plastic bus for us to play in/record podcasts in, instead it will go towards paying for site hosting, equipment upgrades and travel money for events etc…

You can find the Back In The Game podcast on iTunes or Spreaker – and if you’re the kind of lovely person that loves us, please share that love and gives us a review on the premier fruit based media site of the moment (please and thank you)

As always you can get in touch with us via Twitter (@WeRTheLolocaust) or email at

Coming Soon: Episode 10: “Big Fat Hen”


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