Back in the Game Episode 10 “Big Fat Hen”

As we hit double digits we marvel as Bouncy kindly gives Rob a present, hear about his issues with the warranty on his Xbox One and get an insight into his contrary mind as he goes out and gets hold of both the Destiny Limited Edition game and guide.

Dalek provides a musical opening with a welcome revisit of an old song from the stands before regaling us with tales of the Five Nights at Freddy’s saga, including a look at the brand new entry in the series, FNAF3!

Four in February is now over and we look at our successes, our failures and evaluate how it affected us as gamers, parents and humans, before looking at how some of our listeners got on.

Mark repeats his offer to fight you, yes YOU! before talking about ip in his Mark’s Minute segment.

News topics touched upon include the Steam VR headset, Vive, as well as 2K’s plans to shut down the servers for NBA 2K14 already, an update on the Destiny character deletion ‘scandal’ and Rob brings a story about boobs and fighting.

So, over a dozen games discussed, jokes told and anecdotes shared. It’s been a great ride making these shows and now we are into double figures you can certainly expect even more polish, even more of what you love and even more references to everybody’s favourite basketball star. Good old Shaq!

Get the episode on iTunes or Spreaker NOW! Tell a friend too! If everyone who listens got one person to listen then by the end of next week we would have more listeners, and maybe a calculator app so we can guess more accurately….


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