Taylor Swift + Alan Partridge Quote = Jurassic Park!

Any listener to the show will know that I love a bit of Taylor Swift.

Both Rob and I also love a bit of Partridge, so imagine my incredible joy when spotting these images on one of those click bait Buzzfeed articles (here, in the interests of fairness – if you wanted to see the rest of the images surrounded by ‘news’ and images and ads).

Taylor Swift Does Alan

It started with this beauty, and then things got rather nice. One might even go so far as to call them lovely stuff.

anigif_enhanced-10899-1422013058-8anigif_enhanced-10855-1422013083-2  anigif_enhanced-25678-1422010444-2 anigif_enhanced-26352-1422010724-4 enhanced-8764-1422015719-8 enhanced-13881-1422010112-9 enhanced-18317-1422011968-11  enhanced-31771-1422010076-14 enhanced-31803-1422015355-1


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