Back in the Game Episode 12 “Board/Bored/Bawd (How’d ya like it, How’d ya like it?)”

This week we are focusing on the world of board/card/tabletop gaming – from an entry level perspective. As Bouncy and Rob step into the wild new yonder we travel with them on a trip down memory lane to look at the games that they remember most from their childhoods (from Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs to Totopoly; Atmosfear to Hero Quest and beyond) before moving onto the joys and pitfalls of hosting game nights, the need for a guide in the heady world of big box games and a look at a variety of digital games and apps from Dalek which feeds nicely into a summary before the show rolls a five and hits the last snake before square one hundred and we all spiral into oblivion.

Look out for our new ‘Companion Posts’ that will illustrate some of the more visual elements of the podcast and may contain extra nuggets of information, it’s like a DVD extra feature.

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