Podcast Companion: Episode 12

So as we often wander off into discussion of old TV adverts, games and other generic ‘stuff’ we thought it would be handy to product a Podcast Companion piece, which could contain the gubbins that previously we would throw up as a tiny article.

So this week we were talking Tabletop Gaming and we kicked things off with a look back at games that filled out our childhoods. Unfortunately – as with most things released pre-1994 – it is tricky to find a lot of original material, most images come from retrospective articles, but we’ve delved into the depths of the web to find stuff to illustrate our views.


First up we have Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs (Waddingtons, 1985) which saw young-Bouncy adventuring against tiny rubber dinosaurs. On revisiting the game for this article I was amazed at how awful the T-Rex models were, but on the whole it was as I remembered it – with a swamp based dinosaur being the third kind I couldn’t remember at time of recording.

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I am pretty sure I still have a copy of this kicking around, but if not I reckon I may have to get a new (old) copy for my collection, especially as we plan on having a Video Stream special in July to celebrate the end of the school year and we are going to bring in board games, look forward to that.

Rob talked at length about Totopoly – which I confused with Escalado – but both were horse-racing related and somewhat awesome, as you can no doubt tell from these pics. Interestingly Totopoly is designed for five players, so the thought of Rob sitting alone playing a game made for a gang is more amusing than it already was.

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And if I didn’t manage to portray the ‘fun’ of Escalado enough, we present this riveting footage from one boozy night at the races:

Undeniable fun.

Ghost Castle has been re-released a few times, but I clearly remembered a specific TV advert for it, which sadly is only available in a foreign language, but it’ll jog some memories no doubt:

No better board game exists about putting kids in perilous situations.

Well, maybe Atmosfear – although you didn’t play as kids – it still offered a horrific hour of gaming.

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Incredible Hulk Smash Up (the Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur beater from Ideal) was salvaged from a skip in the early eighties before finding a home in my collection for many years. Looking at the art work now I wish I’d at least kept the board. The Hulk character is terrifying though. Looks more like a green Lionel Blair. (He doesn’t have his hair cut like that…)

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We also touched upon Trivial Pursuit, but I am still too bitter to even look for a suitable image. Do it yourselves. What do I look like, your Mum?

Finally for this part of the show we also talked about my promo copy of the Back to the Future game that I suppose I sent off a load of crisp packets for. Rob found a hilariously awful promo photo for the official BTTF pinball table too. Just awful.

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And that rounds that out.

Hopefully this helps illustrate our vivid recollections of our gaming childhood. Let us know what you think in the comments box below or via Twitter


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