Back In The Game Episode 13 “Dirty Baker’s Dozen”

This week’s show sees the return of some old favourite audio goodness – due to overwhelming demand – as well as discussions about games ranging from Dark Echo to LEGO The Hobbit, by way of Tapped Out and Destiny and others…

Rob gets overly excited as Eastside Hockey Manager makes a triumphant return to the ice after sitting on the bench for a little too long for his liking and has some early impressions of the Early Access build.

Bouncy, meanwhile has spent a week telling eighteen year old girls about birdmen and making dirty teenagers tidy their bedrooms via the Fling app.

Dalek has not only been recording The Lolocaust Tubeblockers with Mark, he also found time to consume some alcoholic beverages and stumbles through a list of games that have been banned around the world.

We look at this month’s bonus sized Games with Gold offering before kicking off our new feature “The Lolocaust’s Big Plate” which see us looking at games that tackle difficult subject matter, and how the line is drawn regarding acceptability. Look out for our listener comments being read out, and join in next week.

Finally Bouncy gets annoyed with a Police Commissioner. So all is back to normal.

As ever you can find the show via iTunes, Spreaker or Stitcher using the links at the top of the page. Feel free to get in touch via the email button on the right of the page, or shout out of your window if you live within earshot of the Lolocaust flat.


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