That Weird Moment When You Aren’t Sure If The New ‘Phoenix Wright’ Game Is An April Fool…

Phoenix Wright games are the gaming equivalent of the ‘ingredients’ on the back of a shampoo bottle, namely perfect for when you are having a stubborn poo and have left the phone in another room. As a male who seems incapable of defecating without literature to peruse – and by god I’ve read enough toiletry packaging to know that the Aussie Miracle Moist is the most entertaining AND vaguely arousing of the bunch (narrowly edging ahead of the Original Source range) – I found that the Phoenix Wright games were designed with a fifteen minute sitting in mind.

The first couple of games I played on my original, chunky Nintendo DS were a marvel as I discovered that the point and click aspect of gaming was alive and well and being forced upon ‘interactive story games’ with pointing providing the general direction AND the click thanks to Nintendo’s wonderous touch screen interface.

So I learned all about Phoenix Wright, I fell in love with a Wrestler, solved murders left right and centre and always wondered when Maya was just going to get the hint and either come the fuck in, or fuck the fuck off.

Now there’s a new game coming – surprise, surprise – only this time we are not seeing the usual Homo Sapien cast members… Oh no, this time things have taken a turn for the Dogtanian…

So what do you reckon? Reckon this is some elaborate prank OR is it a logical next step – remember there is a Bird related project on the way, Aviary Attorney that takes the P.W. format and overlays a European 1840’s skin over it, replacing humans with birds and things…

I’m going to sit down and let my head have a rest… It’s all getting a bit too much…


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